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In his second collection of stories, Cameron draws a gallery of diverse characters who find themselves at various emotional impasses. The uncertainties of their youth have developed into something more serious, for the promises that have been held out to them all their lives -- the comforts of love and the satisfaction of success -- have proved to be elusive, equivocal, or, at worst, hollow.

The people who inhabit FAR-FLUNG are anchored to the earth -- be it a cornfield in Indiana or an African veldt -- by a gravity they are just beginning to understand. With their freshness, wit, and crystalline perception, these beautifully written, quiety piercing stores are the exciting fulfillment of the promise of a remarkable writer.

The two stories that appeared in The New Yorker were edited by Linda Asher. This book was published by HarperCollins in 1991, and once again edited by Rick Kot. It was never released in paperback and went quickly out of print.