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One Way or Another

The subject of this collection of stories (the author's first book) is a generation that has warily come of age: precocious maturity has left these young people unusually vulnerable, unprepared and unequipped for warding off the pain that seems to be their legacy. Families, homes, lovers, marriages -- the safe havens they have been taught to depend on no longer guarantee shelter or stability.

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER introduces Peter Cameron as an extraordinary writer, one distinguished not only by his prose, which is always abundantly witty and pitch-perfect, but also by a rare generosity of heart.

Included in this book are two stories that were selected for the O. HENRY PRIZE STORIES: "Homework," first published in The New Yorker, and "Excerpts from Swan Lake," first published in The Kenyon Review.

This book, first published in hardcover by Harper & Row in 1986 and a year later in paperback by Harper Perennial, is now out of print. Many of the stories are included THE HALF YOU DON'T KNOW: SELECTED STORIES (which is, unfortunately, also out of print).